Samruddhi Foundation is a secular and non-profit trust created by a group of people with a dream of making this world a better place to live.

Our mission is to build capacities of individuals and groups deprived of resources required for leading empowered lives. Samruddhi Foundation functions as a centre for knowledge building, training and dissemination of information on issues of equity, social justice, and sustainable development with stakeholders such as communities, civil society/advocacy groups and policy makers.

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R Indira 

R Indira, President of Samruddhi Foundation was until recently Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Sociology and Director of the international Center at the University of Mysore. A teacher, researcher, writer and an activist, in her university career spanning four decades she has lectured and written extensively on gender issues, girls’ education and people centric forest management. Indira has been Fulbright Scholar twice, Shastri Fellow four times and has also received a Senior Fellowship from the Indian Council of Social Science Research. She is closely associated with many national and state level academic committees, professional bodies and civil society groups. Her writings have been published as books, book chapters, columns and journal articles.

Prof. R. Indira    
R. Indira can be contacted at +91-94480 51680

S K Lakshminarayana 

S K Lakshminarayana, Vice - President of Samruddhi Foundation is an educational administrator, a promoter of arts and a sports enthusiast. Popularly known as Babu, S K Lakshminarayana is an entrepreneur in IT based printing. He is proactive in the cultural world of Mysore as an organizer of classical music events and has created a number of opportunities for young artistes to showcase their talents. As an institution builder and promoter of young musical talent, Lakshminarayana has a vibrant network with artistes and institutions engaged in the conservation of performing arts all over the country. He is also actively involved in projects fostering academic collaborations between universities abroad and India by facilitating student and faculty exchange programmes. The areas of his special focus are renewable energy and sustainable environment management.
S K Lakshminarayana can be contacted at

  G Shanthi

Shanthi, Secretary of   Samruddhi Foundation is a Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Mysore. A proactive teacher who combines academics with activism, Shanthi has been teaching courses on social development, gender and third sector to university students for nearly two decades.  She has worked with action oriented research projects addressing issues of gender equity, sustainable livelihoods, traditional health care practices and survival strategies of forest dependent communities. Shanthi who is actively involved in the autonomous women’s movement has wide experience in mobilizing rural and tribal women, students and members of civil society groups  to campaign  for their rights. Shanthi has been coordinating, designing and teaching Study-India Programs for international students, and supervising field based research. She is the General Secretary of Alumni Association, Department of Sociology, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore
Shanthi G can be contacted at   +91-99012 61481
Dr.G Shanthi

Jayanand Derekar

Jayanand Derekar, Treasurer of Samruddhi Foundation grew up among the forests and hills of Western Ghats and has a profound knowledge of the rich biodiversity of the region and the changes that are occurring in the socio-cultural life of forest dependent communities.  With master’s degrees in Commerce and Sociology, he has gained wide experience in participatory research methodologies by associating himself with projects focusing on biodiversity and land use mapping, forest conservation, empowerment of women in forest communities, eco-tourism and preservation of indigenous knowledge. Jayanand   is currently pursuing research on people’s participation in forest resource management.
Jayanand Derekar can be contacted at

Shruti I L

Shruti I L one of the founder trustees of Samruddhi Foundation is a  media professional who specializes in print and electronic journalism. She has been writing on issues of gender, health, wholesome entertainment and social impact of media. Shruti has been writing scripts for documentaries with social orientation and documenting the experiences of proactive research initiatives through newsletters and other write ups. Herself an amateur theatre artiste, Shruti has acted in plays and movies focusing mainly on the hopes and frustrations of youth. She has been awarded Ph.D by the University of Mysore for her thesis on the role of media in empowering women in institutions of governance with a special thrust on rural local self-government. Shruti has established her own Production House called Sil Studios that makes Documentaries, Video productions and Web Series
Shruti IL can be contacted at

   Aalaap I L

Aalaap I L , one of the founder trustees of Samruddhi Foundation is an engineering graduate who  got interested in issues of social concern at a young age and has dreams of working with marginalized groups in their struggles for securing their entitlements. He has been playing golf since the age of 8 and is especially committed to helping deserving young sports talent from rural and economically disadvantaged groups by generating resources for realizing their sports dreams. Aalaap and his friends are networking with individuals and institutions to support this cause. He has represented India in International Golf Championships held at Thailand, Mexico and South Africa.
Aalaap I L can be contacted at

   Hemalatha H M

Hemalatha H M is a faculty in Women’s Studies at the Mandya Extension campus of the Karnataka State Women’s University. With masters and doctoral degrees in Economics from the University of Mysore, she has been engaged in teaching and research in women’s studies for more than two decades and has written extensively on themes such as women & economy, women’s movements, feminist research & women & the political processes. With a flair for combing academics with activism Hemalatha has also authored monographs, collection of poems & essays with a focus on gender.
Hemalatha H M can be contacted at

   Yerriswamy E

Yerriswamy E is a research Associate at the Centre for Women’s Studies in Kannada University, Hampi. With masters and doctoral degrees in Women’s Studies from the Kannada University he has taught at the Karnataka State Women’s University at Bijapur & the University of Mysore. A human rights activist who has constantly been engaging in movements that address issues of social justice, Yerriswamy has authored many books & journal articles with a special thrust on issues of gender & caste & women’s human rights.He played a key role in reviving the feminist journal Achala.
Yerriswamy E can be contacted at

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